Equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation that will support R&D investigations

The Project aims to catalyse growth and productivity for advanced materials in Greater Lincolnshire, promoting research and innovation in the SME supply chains of several key sectors of the GLLEP economy e.g. metals manufacturing, chemicals and petroleum, rubber and plastics, power generation and storage, semi-conductors and electronic devices. The Bridge will deliver a regional R&D ecosystem by providing a physical focus for innovation in advanced materials and developing mechanisms for businesses to pool and coordinate resources and engage in partnership for R&D projects.

The GLLEP will be contributing towards the capital elements of the proposed scheme only. 

The scheme involves the construction of new-build two-floor R&D and innovation facility of 788 m2, unique in the Greater Lincolnshire LEP area, with high quality creative spaces for business interaction, open innovation and knowledge exchange alongside specialist laboratory areas to support product development investigations and house advanced instrumentation. 

The Centre will be equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation that will support R&D investigations, new product development and materials innovation. The will be a team assembled

with relevant skills and experience to address the key processes of the project: business outreach, event coordination, diagnostic problem solving, project management and quality assurance alongside expertise in the development of analytical methods, structural studies and advanced materials manipulation.

The Centre will provide:

  • Access to commercial scientists for diagnostic support and identification of potential business opportunities.
  • Provision of regular networking forums for knowledge exchange including briefings on research developments in themed areas.
  • Coordination of expert seminars, themed conferences, workshops and training events.
  • Brokered interactions across the Bridge network to provide access to expertise for consultancy and/or future collaboration.
  • Delivery of business engagement for R&D collaboration.

For futher information on this project please contact Susannah Carr on SCarr@lincoln.ac.uk.