New Digital Skills Centre at New College Stamford, investing in key infrastructure to deliver the latest digital qualifications and commercial training under the auspices of the Skills Capital Investment Fund Programme.

The LEP is delighted to be supporting digital skills development for Greater Lincolnshire. This new centre underpins all of the priorities identified in the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s Strategic Economic Plan, not least because of increasing automation and the endemic use of digital data within all sectors of business.  The recent refurbishment and upgrade of the college’s computer learning facilities will enhance the delivery of digital skills training and education. It will also support the further development of cyber security, mobile technologies, green IT and cloud computing, all of which have been identified by UKCES as drivers for high-level skills needs within the digital sector

Ursula Lidbetter, Former Chair of Greater Lincolnshire LEP


This scheme has refurbished and upgraded existing facilities to deliver 21st century digital skills training and education by:

  • Developing NCS’ computing provision in response to changing needs locally, regionally and nationally, delivering at least 10 additional qualifications
  • Enabling curriculum innovation to support business needs in emerging technologies, automated production, agri-tech and renewables, working with at least 150 new employers
  • Increasing the number of learners accessing high quality education and training in key sectors, including apprenticeships and HNC/Ds

The refurbishment involved:

  • Realignment of the curriculum and training offer to meet projected business and employment needs, including recognised industry certifications
  • A complete redesign of the space, including improved access for learners and clients with learning difficulties and disabilities, to meet current and future learning needs
  • Creation of an open, innovative and inspiring learning environment modelled on real world industry practice and flexible working patterns
  • Technical and equipment upgrades which reflect contemporary and emerging technologies and which will enable the College to respond more effectively to the trends that are shaping change within all employment sectors, including increased virtualisation and digitalisation
  • Investment in flexible and distance learning technology such as ‘Microsoft Classroom of the Future’ to expand access to education, training, reskilling and upskilling in the rural setting of Greater Lincolnshire


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