Providing new offices and laboratory space for innovative companies and ensuring future growth in key sectors

Providing highly specified facilities that can accommodate world class technology businesses is cost prohibitive, yet is a necessary part of transforming the Lincolnshire economy.  The grant provided by the GLLEP allowed Lincoln Science and Innovation Park to invest in a building of a scale and quality that would otherwise be impossible.

Tom Blount, Director, LSIP

Contributing to the delivery of Lincoln Science and Innovation Park, Boole Technology Centre is made up of three inter-connected commercial buildings, accommodating a wide number of uses, including new office space and specialist laboratories.

The project has been brought forward to target business growth in the advanced engineering and manufacturing sector, which has been identified with the potential to utilise innovation to grow rapidly and create jobs.

Innovation businesses are low in numbers within Greater Lincolnshire and it is intended that by creating the right environment, this sector can be encouraged to establish and grow.

This development scheme involved the demolition of existing redundant warehouse buildings on site along with the retention of an existing 1930s substation, which was refurbished and incorporated as part of the scheme.

The total floorspace provided extends across 2,398 sqm and is located on a site of 0.6 hectares.  Boole Technology Centre can accommodate between 10 and 15 growing businesses at any one time, supporting over 150 businesses in total and directly creating or safeguarding 53 jobs by 2021.  The buildings will also accommodate a reception area and some communal and meeting rooms.

This scheme has completed development on Phase 1 of the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park, which is managed by LSIP, a public/private sector partnership and includes the Think Tank Incubator and existing laboratories housing the University of Lincoln's Schools of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Life Sciences.  It is hoped that completion of the centre will act as a catalyst, encourage the redevelopment of the adjoining 83 hectares of brownfield land, comprising phases two and three of the Science and Innovation Park.

Contact Tom Blount or 07740 410229 for further information