Boston College has opened its new Digital, Transport and Logistics Academy which will lead the way in delivering skills training for Lincolnshire’s logistics and transportation industry.

The new academy, which was opened by John Anderson, the third Viscount Waverley, will offer training courses with a focus on digital innovation and technologies for the future, as well as being relevant to the employment opportunities available within the sector.

“I am honoured to be associated with a new wing at Boston College dedicated to investing in people and skills for freight and logistics," he said. "The college has rightly recognised the importance of the industry and is to be commended for running with educational delivery feeding into the wider government initiatives.

“These are exciting days and I congratulate Boston Collegefor identifying that freight and logistics are fundamental in playing their part for the United Kingdom to manoeuvre through the   challenges before us, establishing Boston College as a centre of excellence for learning in what is a key sector.”

The Digital, Technology and Logistics Academy was funded by a £2.45 million grant from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership, while the college paid the remaining £1.05 million. An additional £182,976 of funding from Boston Borough Council was used to purchase industry-standard equipment as part of the Towns Fund.

The Viscount Waverley, along with other special guests including Matt Warman MP, and Ruth Carver, Chief Executive of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, were taken on a guided tour of the building and had the opportunity to observe learners who are currently using the new facilities and equipment.

This includes a transport workshop, a network and hardware computer room holding industry standard equipment, a driving simulator, HGV and electric/hybrid training rigs, and digital software ranging from basic IT skills all the way to modern smart technology to equip local employers for Industry 4.0.

Pat Doody, Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, said: “The UK’s transport and logistics activities employ over 2.2 million people, and this new centre will help support local, national and international supply chains across the sector and generate career progression in the highly skilled digital economy.

"With our £2.4m skills capital grant contribution, the LEP is proud to have enabled the development of this amazing facility in Boston, which will provide much needed industry standard training and a progressive skills pathway from Level 1 to Level 5.”

Boston College Principal and Chief Executive Claire Foster added: "We are delighted that our Digital Transport and Logistics Academy is finally officially open. The world-class learning environment and equipment are a significant investment supported by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, providing critical technical and professional skills needed by our employers and our economy.

"Our learners at Boston College are already thriving in this new statement space and we look forward to delivering our new International Logistics courses in the DTLA from September.”