Supporting schools across Lincolnshire - the Lincolnshire Enterprise Adviser Network

Webinar Series: Support For Schools during the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP continues to support schools during this time. Download the resources document at the bottom of this page for access to a range of websites and programmes to support careers education virtually and at home.

Together with key partners across the county - Confident Choices, Complete Careers and LiNCHigher - we are running a webinar series to support careers leaders within schools over the coming weeks and months. We plan to run at least 1 webinar a week to support plans for the future covering a variety of topics.

The webinar series will focus on each of the Gatsby Benchmarks, giving advice and guidnace on how Careers Leaders can implement plans for a concise careers strategy. Please see the downloadable documents below for details of the webinar schedule and how to participate. 

To read more about the Gatsby Benchamarks, please visit the Careers & Enterprise Company website. 

Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) and the Careers & Enterprise Company

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP are working in partnership with Lincolnshire District Councils and the Careers and Enterprise Company to create a network of high calibre volunteers with experience of employment or self-employment.

The Enterprise Adviser Network enables volunteers to work directly with the senior leadership team in secondary education and colleges to support more effective connection to the world of work and develop, shape or add value to the school or college's careers, enterprise and employer engagement strategy.

Working locally, the role of the Enterprise Adviser is the cornerstone of The Careers & Enterprise Company's national programme.

What this looks like - The Enterprise Adviser works with a school or college on a one to one basis. The Enterprise Adviser will be matched and introduced to that school or college by one of our Enterprise Coordinators, Alex Nightingale, Liz Draper-Smethurst or Debbie Boon and supported at every stage of the process.

Main purpose of the role - Supported by an Enterprise Coordinator, the Enterprise Adviser will work closely with the senior leadership team of a specific school or college to;

  1. Support the development of a whole school strategy for careers, enterprise and employer engagement.
  2. Help schools and colleges to focus efforts on programmes and activities that are most effective in motivating young people, supporting independent choice and supporting positive outcomes for young people.

Skills and experience - Enterprise Advisers will be:

  1. Drawn from the world of work (businesses and the public sector organisations of all sizes)
  2. Passionate about motivating young people, supporting independent choice, and supporting positive outcomes for young people.
  3. Motivated to lead engagement with schools and colleges in the local area and help them understand how effectively they are motivating young people and preparing them for the world of work.
  4. Have knowledge of the potential business support available in the local area and an understanding of how young people, the school and college could benefit from this support.

To enquire about becoming an Enterprise Adviser in Lincolnshire, please contact .


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