The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is hosting a series of online jobs and careers fairs in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Despite the current challenges that people and business are facing, there are local employers who are recruiting right now. Getting together physically in a traditional jobs fair is not possible at the moment. The purpose of the Online Jobs and Career Fair Series is to bring people and business together in one place at the same time, so that job and training opportunities can be shared. The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is working in partnership with many organisations across the Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland area to make the series a success.

You can now view the custom built, online platform which will host all of the live fairs – go to

Visitors to the site during live events will be able to speak to employers, browse information, chat to training organisations and find support. Live Jobs and Careers Fair events will take place throughout 2021. Information will remain available on the site in-between live events.

Dates for future fairs can be found here.

Information for Exhibitors

If you are an employer, education and training organisation, or support service in the Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland area, register for your free virtual stand at 

On the day of the event, a member of your organisation will need to be available and logged in to the site in order to man the virtual stand. You will be able to answer instant messages, respond to video calls and see other exhibition stands all in one place.

Upon registering, you will receive joining instructions with more information. FAQs and further information can be found here on the site.

If you have any queries, please email 

Information for Visitors

The Online Jobs Fairs are completely free for visitors to attend. You can take a look at the site right now, by going to:

You will be able to see all of the exhibitor information from previous events, plus featured videos and information about other jobs and career fairs.  

For more information, please see FAQs on the site here

"The GLLEP Online Fair was really helpful. The site was informative and easy to navigate and I visited a range of stalls and spoke to several employers... The chat function and ability to request video calls were useful […], and enabled me to establish connections that have already led to a development in my job search".

Emily Heathcote, visitor to the Online Jobs Fair, 11th November 2020

Supporting the Greater Lincolnshire Online Jobs and Careers Fair Series

Every fair will feature 'Top Tips' videos from employers, training organisations and support services. If you would like to provide a video, please email

Videos can feature the following topics:

  • Skills needed for your sector / job role and how one can improve this
  • Advice on how to get into your industry
  • General tips on employability: e.g. how to perfect your CV

Take a look at some of the videos that are already on the site for inspiration: