...change a life.

Share your career journey and insights with young people in schools, colleges and local community

We’d like to invite you to give an hour and make a difference to the future career choices that a young person in Lincolnshire makes.  

It might feel like an hour is too short to have a real impact, but we know from experience that an hour can create new perspectives and inspire new ideas.

You could speak to a school class about your sector, play a role in a business competition, carry out a mock interview or support a CV workshop.

Even these short activities make a big difference and can change a young person’s life.

What would you say if you could go back and speak to your 16-year old self?
What do you wish you had known when you were still at school? 

Contact our Enterprise Coordinators to find out how you can get involved alex.nightingale@lincolnshire.gov.uk or 01522 550540. 
Alternatively you can sign up straightaway at the Career and Enterprise Company website here