Whilst we are already making huge strides in many areas, Greater Lincolnshire’s economy is growing at a slower rate than both the East Midlands and the UK.

Greater Lincolnshire is a great place to live, work, and play, but despite many prosperous areas our relative deprivation is high, particularly in pockets within some of our towns, rural areas, and towards the coast.

We also have some challenges around skills and employment which impact our productivity levels and create issues of social and health inequality.

Devolution could help

Boost growth in key industries by improving infrastructure and access to products and jobs.

Increase living standards & opportunity by improving skills & access to employment.

Target investment to improve our towns & places to bring sustainable growth & restore pride.

Devolve & align budgets to deliver efficiencies and loal priorities.

The challenge driving Devolution Lincolnshire

  • Productivity that is below the national average
  • Significant pockets of unemployment and deprivation
  • Limited investment across the county, in our city, towns and the challenges of rurality

Most devolution deals to date have focussed on the economy, in areas such infrastructure, employment, skills, and housing. Lincolnshire is poised to make a “significant contribution” to the UK economy and the transition to net zero carbon emissions, through the development of the UK Food valley both for food and seafood, Humber freeport, and a low carbon logistics sector, and the offshore wind energy and industrial decarbonsiation sectors.

Any devolution deal would support all of Lincolnshire's economic opportunities with a strong focus on local strengths such as:

UK Food Valley

  • A Top 10 global cluster
  • Adding £2bn to the economy
  • Accelerating skills, automation & net zero supply chains

Ports & logistics

  • Humber Freeport
  • £3.5bn investment
  • Creation of 7000 jobs

Green energy & decarbonisation

  • UK's 1st net zero carbon industrial cluster
  • Capture & store 10% of UK CO2 emissions
  • Blue & green hydrogen infrastructure and production