Team Lincolnshire member PAB Languages Centre is introducing a new business assessment tool

Award-winning languages business PAB Languages Centre, which joined the Team Lincolnshire ambassador programme in October, is introducing the Worker Language and Cross-Cultural Business Assessment – MAGNET.

The Worker Language and Cross-Cultural Business Assessment collects feedback directly from workers, supervisors and managers, helping you to understand the views and concerns as well as the cultural and language mix of people working for you on your sites.

Businesses with a multilingual workforce depend on people within the workforce to relay the communication of business-critical information. The accuracy of the language, empathy and understanding of cultural differences of a multinational workforce are critical to the effective communication of this business-critical information.

MAGNET was developed to bridge the gap identified when dealing with employers dependent on a multinational workforce and a cultural mix of people.

The tool consists of on-site interviews and anonymous multilingual surveys to enter worker responses with minimum interruption to your business.

This intelligent check-up will help your organisation to increase productivity and worker job satisfaction while reducing the hidden risk of managing a multicultural workforce.

How will you benefit?

  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Better engaged multinational workforce
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs
  • Better health and safety communications
  • Identified links between worker satisfaction and better business performance
  • Better management-worker understanding and dialogue

Who will benefit?

  • Businesses: commitment to go above and beyond - listening to and understanding employees’ needs
  • Clients in need of a provider who understands the workplace and cultural diversity, in addition to the language challenges of communication related to business-critical information.
  • Employees: wellbeing-focused companies
  • Employers: employing 50+ people within the organisation
  • Employers: directly employing the vast majority of staff
  • Employers: employing a multilingual workforce

Book your free MAGNET assessment now - normal price £1,480 + VAT (£1,776)

For more information about the services or to secure a free Assessment (offer valid until 20th January 2019) please call Andreea on 01205 310004.